Tony Cassara’s experience in television station management covers virtually every aspect of the business. From managing groups and overseeing operations, to buying and selling stations; he has managed affiliates of every network as well as independent television stations.

Starting in television advertising sales, Tony became the youngest general manager of KTLA in that station’s history. With KKR, he created the first LBO of a television station with the purchase of KTLA in 1982. KTLA was later sold to Tribune Company in 1985 for a record price of $530 million. KKR then bought the WometCo stations, a group of seven network affiliates which Tony managed and eventually sold over a period of several years.

From 1993 to 2000 Tony served as the President of Paramount Pictures’ television stations. During his tenure as President, he expanded the original six station group to twenty stations. As a result, the Paramount Stations Group became one of the most profitable business units at Paramount Pictures.

In August of 2000 Tony joined Chartwell Partners LLC as Executive Vice President. Over the following seven years he worked closely with Mr. Jerry Perenchio (Chartwell’s owner and Univision’s Chairman) on the expansion of Univision’s television business. Tony worked on the acquisition of the USA television stations which then served as the nucleus for Telefutura, Univision’s second television network. He oversaw numerous other aspects of Univision’s expansion including additional television station acquisitions, movie library acquisitions, and developing relationships with other broadcasters to extend the reach of the new network. He also served as a Director of TuTv, Univision’s joint venture subscription cable channel with Mexico’s “Grupo Televisa”. Tony was a Director of Univision until the sale of Univision in 2007 for $13.7 Billion.

From 2009 to 2012 Tony served as a Director of Young Broadcasting and also served as Young’s CEO from 2011 to 2012. He currently serves as a Director of HERO Broadcasting, a Spanish Language station in Los Angeles.

Mr. Cassara has served on the following industry Boards:

1977-1982 Increased KTLA cash flow by 50% from $20 to $30 million.
1982-1985 Increased KTLA cash flow by 50% again to $45 million.
KTLA purchased by KKR in 1982 for $245 million was then sold in 1985 for a record price of $530 million.
1985-1990 Increased cash flow and margins of the seven WometCo television stations which were sold to various buyers over several years generating substantial profits for KKR.
1993-2000 As president of Paramount Pictures Television Stations, he built the original group of six stations to twenty. The cash flow of the stations group went from $20 million when he took over to $155 million in 2000 when he left to go to Chartwell Partners as Executive Vice President.
2000-2008 At Chartwell, Tony was charged with extending Univision's already dominant position in Spanish Language television. He recommended the acquisition of the USA stations from Barry Diller which became the nucleus of a second very successful network for Univision called "Telefutura". He also helped Univision develop a suite of cable channels known as TuTv. He negotiated the World Cup Soccer rights in 2006 for Univision to carry the games in 2010 and 2014.
2009-2012 Director of Young Broadcasting, a group of 10 television stations. Also served as interim CEO from 2011 to 2012. Young had substantial improvements in cash flow and in margins during this period with record years in 2010 and 2011 and is on track for another record in 2012.